Disability-Inclusive IYCF Entry Points & Tools

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Disability-Inclusive IYCF Entry Points & Tools


This collection features resources from the Disability-Inclusive IYCF Entry Points and Tools Package which provides practical tools intended:

  • for health and nutrition frontline workers, technical officers, programme managers, specialists,
    academics and any other professionals who are implementing Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) programming, in development or emergency/humanitarian settings
  • to present global resources that support the inclusion of mothers, infants, and young children with disabilities in nutrition programming according to various levels of the IYCF model

After using the Disability-Inclusive IYCF Package, users will be able to adapt various aspects of existing IYCF activities and/or develop new IYCF programming to be inclusive of:

  • Pregnant or lactating women with disabilities
  • Caregivers with disabilities
  • Infants and young children with disabilities

Note: this package of practical tools was originally developed for Save the Children staff, and has been modified to be open access for those working in infant and young child nutrition in emergencies and humanitarian contexts

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