IYCF-E Toolkit Chapter Four: Annexes

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1. Activities

1.1 One-on-One Counseling

a. Deciding Who Needs Help

b. Template for Spot check Observation List

1.2 Baby-Friendly Spaces

a. Activities Timetable

b. Massage Workshop

c. Example of How to Give a Baby Massage

d. Example of Data Collection Methodology for Knowledge Indicator

e. Example of How to Give Baby a Bath

1.3 Cooking Demos

a. Cooking Demo

1.4 Support Groups

a. How to Conduct an IYCF-E Support Group

1.5 Action Orientated Group

a. How to Conduct an Action Orientated Group

1.6 Mother Baby Area

a. Handwashing Instructions

b. Technical Guidelines for MBAs

c. Input and Equipment for IYCF-E Area

d. MBA Checklist

2. Technical Areas

2.1 Breastfeeding

a. Example of BF Assessment Report

b. How to Illustrate Useful Tips on Breastfeeding

c. How to Make a Breast out of a Sock

d. How to Make a Material Baby

e. Example of Staff Breastfeeding Guidelines

f. Example of Guidelines for Breastfeeding in Emergencies

2.2 Complementary feeding

a. Active and Responsive Feeding Tip Sheet

b. Example of How to Wash Blender

c. Considerations in Complementary Feeding

2.3 HIV and Wet Nursing

a. Emergencies HIV Issues and Wet Nursing

b. Technical Note on HIV and IYCF-E

2.4 Relactation

a. How to Help a Woman Relactate

2.5 Cholera and IYCF-E

a. Example of IYCF-E Cholera Briefing

3. Minimising the risk of Artificial Feeding

3.1 Example of BMS Donations Questionnaire

3.2 Example of BMS Donations Mapping Report

3.3 Example of Guide on Minimising the Risk of Artificial Feeding

3.4 Example of Cup Feeding Guide for Health Workers

3.5 Template for Reporting Code Violations

3.6 Template for Monitoring BMS Violations in Emergency Situations

3.7 Template for Database for Monitoring BMS Violations in Emergency Situations

3.8 Template for BMS Distribution Alert: KoBo Toolbox

3.9 Template for Agency Agreement for BMS with Coordinating Agency

3.10 Template for Application for BMS from Coordinating Agency

3.11 Template for Evaluation of Artificial Feeding in the Home

3.12 Example of RUIF Exit Strategy – Haiti 2010

3.13 Example of a Generic Label for Powdered Infant Formula

3.14 Example of a Generic Label for Ready to Use Infant Formula

3.15 Example of How to Sterilize Feeding Equipment – Greece 2016

4. Reporting Templates

4.1 Template for Simple Rapid Assessment v1

4.2 Template for Simple Rapid Assessment v2

4.3 Template for Simple Rapid Assessment

4.4 Template for Simple Rapid Assessment Database

4.5 Template for Full Assessment Mother-Baby Pair with BMS

4.6 Template for Assessment of Mother-Baby Pair without BMS

4.7 Template for Full Assessment

4.8 Template for IYCF-E Beneficiary Card

4.9 Template of Assessment Form for Admission of Pregnant Women

4.10 Template for IYCF-E Register Book

4.11 Template of Breastfeed Observation Form

4.12 Template for Summary Sheet for IYCF-E  Counseling Sessions in the Field

4.13 Template for IYCF-E Care Plan for Caregivers Not Using BMS

4.14 Template for IYCF-E Care Plan for Caregivers Using BMS

4.15 Template for Registration Form for Artificially Fed Infants

4.16 Template for BMS Prescription Database

4.17 Template for IYCF-E Referral Form

4.18 Template for IYCF-E Referral Register

4.19 Template for Home Visit Form

4.20 Template for Attendance Sheet for Sessions and Groups

4.21 Template for Summary of Attendance for Sessions and Groups

4.22 Template for IYCF-E Daily and Weekly Report

4.23 Template for Diarrhoea Tally Sheet at IYCF-E Centres

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