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MAMI Care Pathway Training Package for Frontline Workers

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Save the Children

This 3-day training package contains presentations, facilitation guides, handouts, and videos to train frontline health workers on the implementation of the MAMI Care Pathway Package. For more information on the MAMI Care Pathway, click here.

Save the Children (SC) have been implementing the MAMI Care Pathway (previously named C-MAMI Tool) since 2016.  In 2023, Save the Children developed the MAMI Care Pathway Training for Frontline Workers which is intended for facilitators to provide health workers with the skills to assess, classify, and support at-risk infants under 6-months and their mothers. This 3-day training package contains presentations, facilitation guides, handouts and videos to train frontline health workers on the implementation of the MAMI Care Pathway Package.

By the end of the training, the participants should be able to:

  • Explain the background of MAMI and how the MAMI care pathway is
  • Define the MAMI care pathway package and its components
  • Use the MAMI care pathway to assess, classify and manage nutritional
  • Complete the required monitoring and reporting tools for MAMI

The training package contains 10 modules including:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Nutritional Risk in Infants <6 months
  • Module 3: The MAMI Care Pathway Package
  • Module 4: Screening and Assessment
  • Module 5: Classifying nutritional risk
  • Module 6: MAMI Support package
  • Module 7: Gender
  • Module 8: Scenario Role Play
  • Module 9: Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning
  • Module 10: Action Planning

This training package is divided into four sections including a) the training slide deck b) the facilitation guide  c) handouts and videos and d) preparation materials.

  • The 120 slide deck contains 10 modules. It is intended to be used by the trainer to facilitate the training with frontline workers. For more information on how to best used the slides, see part C for the facilitators guide.
  • This facilitation guide provides material and preparation notes for the different training modules listed above. The objectives of this guide is to aid the facilitator in conducting the training for frontline staff. The first chapter provides an overview of the main principles of adult learning principles, top tips for facilitators. The following chapters provides an approximate time, objectives, and key messages to take away for learners for each module.
  • The training handouts and videos include general facilitation handouts, participants handouts, facilitator answer sheets and videos for exercises and group work. General facilitation handouts includes the agenda and registration templates.
  • Preparation Materials: To facilitate the planning of the MAMI training, a sample budget, a list of supplies required, and a list of resources for printing is provided as part of the training package. The capacity mapping template can be used to assess the existing capacity of trainees, to feed into the development of the training. Please note that if trainees are not already trained on IMNCI or IYCF/ MIYCN, it is recommended to conduct these complementary trainings first.

This training package is available in English, French, Spanish (LAC), and Portugese. The Arabic version is coming soon.

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