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General Questions

What is the IYCFEHub?

The IYCFEHub is for health and nutrition frontline workers, technical officers, programme managers, specialists, academicians, and any other professional interested in accessing the most relevant resources related to infant and young child nutrition.


Who manages the IYCFEhub?

The IYCFEhub is the result of a collaborative effort of Save the Children, the IFE Core Group, the Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN), ACF US, PATH and SafelyFed Canada. The platform was developed by Save the Children and is managed through a collaboration between Save the Children and the IFE Core Group.


What can I do with the IYCFEHub?

Through the IYCFEHub you and your team can access a wide compilation of endorsed and trusted resources, guidance, protocols, evidence, educational materials, and tools related to infant and young child nutrition in emergencies and humanitarian contexts anywhere and even without internet connection. Relevant events and webinars are also promoted through the IYCFEHub.

Using the IYCFEHub

How can I use the IYCFEhub to find the resource I need?

The IYCFEhub can be used to browse resources or to search for the specific resource(s) you need. You can use the filter function on the home page, or the search bar at the top of the page to navigate the resources. At each stage, you can refine the search by selecting any of the following search constraints: Target audience The specific topic The challenge you are facing The type of material needed The language or country of interest Relevant keywords


Can I download resources that I can view later, like when I’m offline?

Yes! You have two options for downloading resources. Option 1: Download from the resource page: 1. You will see a dropdown button labeled “Download.” 2. Once you click on that button, you will be given the option to download any available versions of the document. 3. That document file will save to the built-in file storage of your device. Option 2: Creating a personal library and saving resources in your library to be available offline (see next question)


How can I create my own library in the IYCFEhub?

You can use the “My library” feature to create a personal space where all the references and resources you are interested in can be saved, and you can access then anytime you need. You can use this feature through these steps: 1. From the main page click on the “my library” button. If it is the first time for you to enter that field, please create your personal account. 2. Click on “register now” and fill the relevant fields 3. After you have completed the registration steps you can start saving resources in your personal library.


How can I save resources to my library?

What you need to do is simple: 1. Open the resource you would like to save in your library 2. On the right top of the page click on the small book icon 3. A small screen will open with where it will ask you to “add the reference to your library,” just click on the blue button and the reference will be saved there


How can I share references with other people?

The IYCFEHub allows you and your team to access and share technical resources across the world! What you need to do is simply: 1. Select a new resource or a resource that is already in your library 2. If you are selecting a new resource, go to the page where you can see all the various details of the reference 3. On the top right side of each resource page, you will see a variety of share icons. 4. Select the icon for the social media or communication platform you wish to use, or use the link icon to generate a sharing link for the resource.


Can I suggest new resources and materials to be uploaded in the IYCFEHub?

Yes, you can! Just follow these steps: 1. From the main page go at the end of it 2. Click on “upload content” 3. A small menu will appear and will ask you to enter some basic information, including your email address 4. In the same small form, you will enter the a. Title of the resource you want to share b. A basic description c. And you will be asked to attach the actual resources 5. You will be asked to agree on the terms and conditions of the IYCFEHub and click on submit 6. A group of specialists will review the suggested reference and will reach out to update you about the status of the request


How can I know if there are new resources in the platform?

Follow these steps to subscribe for updates: 1. Look for the section titles “Stay Informed” on the home page 2. Click on “set up your newsletter” button 3. A small menu will pop up and you will be asked to indicate your preferences and interests in terms of topics and countries of interest 4. After that just enter the email address where you want the updates to be sent 5. Click on “Subscribe to the newsletter” and you are ready to go!

Please feel free to use the “contact us” page to reach out for any questions or concerns! 

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Thanks for everything that you do for children. We are here to support you! 

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