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Holt International’s Feeding and Positioning Manual

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Holt International

This manual is intended to support the caregivers of infants and children by providing information regarding safe feeding practices. Additionally, this manual provides:

  1. General information on infant and child development
  2. Critical milestones for caregivers to monitor
  3. Helpful strategies that support not only feeding but enrich the overall well-being of each and every child

This manual is intended to be used by all caregivers within a child’s life. Some of the information in this manual may be of interest to other health care workers, family members of children and community members. Depending on the needs of the individual, some may benefit from reading an entire chapter or section, or some may find it useful to refer to only certain handouts, illustrations, charts or activities.


The manual can be downloaded as a whole or as individual sections.  To download the individual sections, visit Holt’s website.

Download Introduction: More Than a Meal
About This Manual
How to Use This Manual
Sharing This Manual with Others
Download PART 1 :: Feeding Fundamentals: Information for Supporting Positive and Safe Mealtimes
Chapter 1: Feeding Basics for Every Child and Caregiver
Download Positioning Basics
Download Swallowing Basics
Download Sensory System Basics
Download Breastfeeding Basics
Download Bottle Feeding Basics
Download Spoon Feeding Basics
Download Cup Drinking Basics
Download Self-Feeding Basics
Download Food Texture and Liquid Consistency Basics
Download Interaction Basics
Download PART 2 :: Feeding Across the Ages: Information for Supporting Feeding Development and Finding Solutions for Feeding Challenges
Download Chapter 2: The First Year of Life: 0-12 Months Old
Download Chapter 3: The Growing Child: 12-24 Months Old
Download Chapter 4: The Toddler Years: 24-36 Months Old
Download Chapter 5: The Older Child: 36 Months and Older
Download PART 3 :: Special Populations and Topics: Information for Supporting Positive Feeding Development Across Common Disabilities
Download Chapter 6: The Child with Disabilities or Special Needs
Download Chapter 7: Common Feeding Challenges and Solutions Across the Ages
Download Chapter 8: Make Meal Times Matter: Growing Children with Relationships
Download PART 4 :: Appendix: Strategies, Handouts and Information for Caregivers and Communities
Chapter 9: Appendix
Download Feeding Skills Timeline: Eating and Drinking from Birth to 36 Months Old
Download Typical Child Motor Development Milestones and Red Flags
Download Food Texture and Liquid Consistency Visual Chart
Download Specialized Food and Liquid Example Lists
Download Modifying Food and Liquid
Download Diet Advancement Guide
Download Common Items for Supporting Feeding
Download Spoon Chart
Download Getting Creative with Seating and Supplies
Download Feeding Strategies Techniques
Download Activities for Calming and Waking Babies and Children
Download Handouts for Caregivers and Communities
Download — Breastfeeding Tips
Download — Feeding and Interaction Cues
Download — Bite and Sip Sizes
Download — Positioning Checklists
Download — Dental (Oral) Care and Toothbrushing
Download Common Feeding Issues and Solutions Quick Charts
Download How Much Should Babies Eat?
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