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MAMI Care Pathway Contextualization Workshop

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A 4-hour workshop package to guide to adapting the MAMI Care Pathway Package to a given context.  The MAMI Care Pathway: An Orientation should be facilitated before this workshop to provide an overview of what MAMI is, understand why the MAMI care pathway is important, and what is involved with the MAMI care pathway.

By the end of the workshop, the participants should be able to

  • define who, what and where the screening, assessment, and management of infants <6 months will take place
  • adapt the MAMI forms for their context

This package contains a slide deck and associated handouts for group work and relevant assessment forms for MAMI, feeding and maternal mental health.

  • Contextualization of the MAMI Care Pathway Presentation
  • Group Work: Scenarios
  • Activity sheet: Who, What, Where Handout
  • MAMI Assessment Form
  • MAMI Feeding Assessment Form
  • MAMI Maternal Mental Health Assessment Form
  • MAMI Rapid Screening Guide
  • MAMI Register
  • MAMI Reporting Form
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ZIP, Powerpoint


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