C-MAMI Tool, Version 2

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The C-MAMI Tool provides a health worker with a format to assess, identify/classify, and manage at-risk mothers and infants under six months in the community (C-MAMI) who are nutritionally vulnerable.

The aim of the C-MAMI Tool is to help put the latest WHO technical guidance into practice. It was developed as a first step to help fill a gap in programming guidance. The tool draws upon and complements existing national and international guidance and protocols. It is modeled on the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) approach.

The C-MAMI v 2.0 Package comprises:

  1. C-MAMI Tool
  2. Counselling and Support Actions Booklet
  3. Counselling Cards
  4. C-MAMI Programme Management Cards

The C-MAMI Tool may require adaptation, development of program-specific materials, and different levels of training for implementation.

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